On Arrival

When you are ready to meet your ladies in person, Aleksa Match will be ready to receive you. Upon your arrival in Kyiv, an Ambassador will be present to meet you. We will provide you transportation from the airport or train station, as well as transportation upon your departure. We will take you to your apartment where you will stay during your time in Kyiv. Our apartments are very comfortable and modern in the heart of Kyiv. We will provide you with a cellphone for the duration of your stay with a sim card. You will be able to call your Ambassador anytime during your stay should you have any needs or to ask questions. Your Ambassador is there as a translator, tour guide, adviser. Their purpose during your stay is to make sure your needs are met and your questions answered so feel confident that you have a reliable resource for you during your stay.


Before your trip to Kyiv, we will ask you to let us know which of the ladies you wish to meet. We will arrange meetings with your ladies and provide you with your schedule upon arrival. The initial meetings usually last an hour and take place in a café. Your Ambassador will be with you for introduction and translation. After you have had your initial meetings you can then choose how you wish for your schedule to take place and with which lady or ladies moving forward. Your Ambassador will then make arrangements for you. At any time, when you become comfortable with a lady or ladies, you can either set your own schedule with the ladies or continue to have your Ambassador schedule for you. The Ambassador is there for you as you need them. If you are feeling adventurous and wish to spend time with a lady alone, we know when to step aside. If at any point you need the Ambassador, simply make arrangements or call them and they will be there at your service.


There are ATM machines around Kyiv that will dispense the local currency (hryvnia) or if you prefer a bank, the Ambassador can take you to a bank for a currency exchange. Again, check the exchange rates before your arrival so you have an idea what the current exchange is for your countries currency.

We offer package for a 7 and 10 day stay in Kyiv. If you wish to have a longer stay, please contact us and we can make arrangements with you.

7 Days – $1399

10 Days – $1599

Purchase is made via wire transfer. We will need a minimum of two weeks between receiving your purchase and your trip to Kyiv. Please contact us for questions and for arrangements.

Apartment Photos