By now you have seen the profiles of the beautiful ladies of Aleksa Match. If you are ready to introduce yourself to one or more of them, our Letter Correspondence is the logical first step. We offer translation and timely service processing of letters between you and the ladies.We also offer video correspondence as well as Video Letters, in which we subtitle the video you submit to us which we will present to your ladies. We offer gifts for any occasion to the ladies of your choice. Finally, when you are ready to meet the ladies you have developed relationships with in person, we are with you and ready to greet you with full service upon your arrival in Kiev, Ukraine. Please see our full descriptions of services for more details. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach us via our Contact Page. We are here and ready to help you at any point along your journey to success.

Letter Correspondence

When you’re ready to introduce yourself, our letter correspondence is where it all begins. With this option, you can purchase 30* or 90* days of unlimited letter writing with as many ladies as you choose. Simply write your letter and be yourself. Tell the lady about yourself and, most important, ask her questions. Once we receive your letter, we will translate it and forward it to the intended lady. When the lady responds, we will receive it, translate it, and send it back to you. The letter will be translated in the lady’s own words. The only item added will be the name of our staff member at the bottom of each letter so you know who did the translating for you. Letter writing is the first step in introducing yourself to a lady.

Your first letter of introduction plus the lady’s response is free of charge. Simply click “Write Her a Letter Now” from a lady’s individual profile. You are free to write as many ladies as you choose, we will translate them and deliver them to each lady. You can write one or several. When we receive the response, we will translate their letter and forward it to you. It is that simple. There’s nothing to lose. We do this to give you the opportunity to discover who you may be interested in corresponding with and who is interested in corresponding in return. All letters from the ladies are real and in their own translated words.

What should I write? [Introductory Offer]

Be yourself! In your introduction letter, you should include the basics about yourself. Include things like your name, your age, where you live, your occupation, your interests and hobbies. Have you been married before? Do you have children? What are you looking for in a lady? Be sure to ask the lady questions about herself; her life, her interests, etc. Women like it when you want to know about them. Be respectful. How you view the lady, or women in general, will be clear in your letters, so be sure to make a good impression. Be honest about yourself! This is the first step in your communication with a lady you wish to get to know better. Don’t exaggerate or overly embellish. Keep your introduction letter simple but hit the highlights of who you are, about your life and what your character is. Please do not include any personal information about yourself such as your home address, phone numbers, or email address. We thank you for not asking the ladies for this information as well. Because your letter writing is unlimited for the amount of time purchased, you can get into greater detail with follow-up letters, if you wish. Also, with your initial introduction letter to a lady or ladies, make sure you include photos of yourself. (Very important!) Make sure you have at least one that shows your face very clearly and one that shows you from head to feet. This is going to be her first impression of you, so make sure you attach the best representation of yourself. Also, please make sure these photos are relatively recent.

With each following letter, you can send as many photos as you wish. We will attach them to your translated letter for the lady. You can request additional photos from her as well. We will have them attached to her subsequent response. Letter writing is the most important first step in the process of establishing communication with the ladies you are interested in. You can purchase unlimited letter writing to as many ladies as you choose, and as many times to each lady as you want (500 words limit per letter):

30 Days – $49 USD (One Lady Unlimited)

30 Days – $99 USD (Multiple Ladies, Unlimited)

90 Days – $279 USD (Multiple Ladies, Unlimited)

A Single Letter With Response – $9 USD

*No more than 500 words per letter, please

*Your 30 or 90 days begin on the date Aleksa Match receives your first letter, not the date payment was received. We want to give you time to craft your communication to your liking.

Visual Correspondence

Video Letters – Aleksa Match has a unique service we offer that gives you the opportunity to send your lady a video of yourself. This video can be through your phone camera or other camera you may have to record. Simply record a video of yourself, no more than 3 minutes please, and submit it to us via email (visit our Contact us page). Once we receive your video, we will add translated subtitles and send it to your lady. You can also request a Video Letter from the lady and we will subtitle in English and send it to you for viewing. It is a unique way of communicating in their language while seeing the animated you! (and vice versa) Please make sure you view your video before you send it to us. Is the lighting good? Is the sound good?

What should I record? This is where you can be creative. You can record a video of yourself doing your favorite activity, or introduce your lady to your favorite place or town. Perhaps your home, or a pet, or singing a song, if you are brave. You can record a video showing your lady a visit to a grocery store, which sounds silly, but they are different in Ukraine. You can record yourself doing whatever you choose. With a Video Letter you can express yourself any way you choose. In addition, you can request a video letter from your lady in return. If you have a request, simply write us and we will pass it along to your lady.

Video Letter to a Lady – $10 USD

Return Video Letter- $10 USD

Video Conference – When you are ready to see and talk to your lady, Aleksa Match offers a video conference. This is the next logical step in knowing your lady. You can ask her questions and you can get to know her in real time. We will have a translator for you on your call. This will give you the opportunity to see your lady and interact with her in real time. We ask that you do not share personal information on your video conference (address, phone numbers, email addresses etc.) Contact us to set up your video conference and we will check with the lady for date and time.

Video Conference – $49 USD (45 Minutes)


Do you wish to send your lady a gift for a holiday, a special occasion or just because? Aleksa Match offers several different gift ideas. Once ordered we will process and deliver your gift to your lady in person. We will also send you a photo of your lady receiving your gift. The following are year round gifts we offer. If you prefer to do something special outside of our normal offerings, simply send us a request (See our Contact us) and we will make arrangements with you!

Now that you have met the lady or ladies and you have established a relationship, the next logical and most important step is to meet in Ukraine. Aleksa Match offers full service and fantastic experience that could change your life upon your arrival. Please see Trip for our options. We’re ready for your arrival!