If you have browsed the internet, you know that there are many agencies that introduce gentlemen to Ukrainian and Eastern European ladies. It can feel like being in the middle of a forest and trying to distinguish one tree from another.

When we decided to create Aleksa Match, we did quite a bit of research. We interviewed men who have used other agencies as well as ladies who have belonged to other agencies. We did quite a bit of due diligence. What I can tell is you there are several agencies out there that are honest and do excellent work in introducing couples. Unfortunately, there are also quite a few agencies whose business practices are questionable. It is perfectly normal to look into agencies with skepticism, in fact, I encourage you to do so. It is said that if something looks too good to be true, it usually is. With that in mind, I will share with you what I know and what to look for. What is it that certain agencies do and how do they do it?


One of the most common practices of the unscrupulous is to write phony letters supposedly from the ladies of your choice. They find beautiful ladies, or even just photos of beautiful ladies, and either use their profiles or create profiles and write to unsuspecting gentlemen posing as the lady in the photos. We have several ladies who joined Aleksa Match who, at one time, belonged to another agency. What these ladies have shared with us is that they went in to the agency with the best intentions. Over time, however, they discovered that their likeness and descriptions were used and the letters written to gentlemen were from those working within the agency itself. Needless to say, these ladies left the agency upon learning of this practice. What is puzzling about this practice is simply this: there are so many legitimate ladies in the Ukraine looking to find love. Many don’t even care where the man is from. They just want to find a kind, responsible, and loving man, something they haven’t been able to find within the confines of what they are exposed to day-to-day. Why the shady practice of writing phony letters when real ladies like this exist is a mystery. Another practice we have learned of is soliciting beautiful ladies to a studio in order to get their photographs. Sometimes they pay the ladies, sometimes not. With these images, the unscrupulous agency creates a profile and poses as the lady in their letter writing.

At Aleksa Match, ALL of our profiles are for real and available ladies. ALL correspondence and communication comes strictly from the ladies you choose to correspond with. Period. We do not nor would we ever tolerate phony correspondence. All of our ladies have been interviewed, verified, and are members for the sole purpose of finding a special gentleman. We do not need to write letters posing as a lady as all of our ladies are legitimately with us and we are here to help them.


Another practice among certain agencies is the buying and selling of ladies’ profiles and information. While there are some legitimate agencies with quite a number of ladies’ profiles (some agencies have been in existence for many years), there are also many with thousands of profiles. How do they get so many? Quite often they buy and sell profiles and information to each other. In fact, when Aleksa Match was started, I was approached by an agent of an unnamed agency to buy profiles from them. No thank you. All of our ladies were found through Aleksa Match or they found us. We do not buy, sell, or share their information with anyone. We take the time to interview and screen each lady on our site. About half of the ladies who register with us become members of Aleksa Match. We get to know the ladies, what their objectives are, and what their character is. We will not represent those who do not meet our standards. We want to represent quality and we want them to represent us with quality as well. In fact, I have personally interviewed each woman on our site. We have no need for buying profiles.


You might have seen some agencies that offer tours which include big social gatherings with a handful of gentlemen and hundreds of ladies. The idea is to meet many ladies all at one time. Some of the gentlemen correspond with a few ladies before taking the trip and participating in the tour. We have met several gentlemen who have found happiness or satisfaction with tours. However, we have also found that some gentlemen find the tours a little overwhelming. Some have described the social event as a meat market. If you are outgoing, the life of the party type, and you wish to meet several ladies all at once, perhaps this is for you. The question is, are these ladies really there to meet you? Often times, ladies show up for these events with their friends for free food and alcohol; meeting a man isn’t a primary goal. Often times, the “gold diggers” attend, just looking for a gentleman to spend some money on them while they’re visiting. Too often, a gentleman who has been corresponding with a few ladies before his tour will find that several do not show up at the social event. This is most unfortunate for you if you were interested in a specific lady or two. There are several blogs online where you can read about these tours, some positive, some not so much.

At Aleksa Match, we do not offer these types of tours. Our goal is for you to find a special lady. With our methods, you can meet the ladies you have corresponded with upon your arrival in Ukraine.


I know you have seen advertisements for these, if you have never used one. Some sites offer to “chat” online with ladies via your keyboard. You have the option of chatting beautiful ladies in real time over the computer by typing them and they answer you. You can see her and interact with her while she is typing and having conversation with you. Sounds good right? Some of these services are the worst offenders of scams. Not only are you chatting and getting to know a woman who is getting paid to chat with you, but she could also be married with children. Sometimes the model you are looking at isn’t even really typing the words to you! There is someone else typing the words you see on the screen. This one is where your common sense has to take place and being skeptical helps. Think about it. This is supposedly a single woman, right? Maybe she even has a child she has told you about. So how does she have time to be chatting with men online for 8 -10 hours a day? How does she have so much free time? Who is paying her bills? I have met women who worked at these agencies (some rather large) part time for extra money. They chat with men all day and get paid for doing so. Once a man becomes too close and decides he wants to take the online relationship to the next level (meet the lady) suddenly the agency will find an excuse to tell the poor gentleman; how she had to move or was no longer interested. Of course this is after he has spent significant money out of his pocket. These agencies make a ton of money daily doing this. Don’t be a victim to this scam.


Remember, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Many of these sites require a registration [Does this mean money?] before you receive full access to the site and profiles. Upon registering, you will be asked to give information about yourself, often including photos as well as create a login and password. On one particular site, we filled out their registration and included an email address for contact. We purposely left quite a bit of information out and gave “ourselves” a birthdate that would make our age in the 80’s. For good measure, we uploaded a photo of a well-known cartoon character as our profile photo. What I can tell you is, within minutes our email address began receiving email messages from ladies belonging to the site. Supposedly beautiful young ladies sent emails to “Gary,” all wanting to meet “him”. The messages were quite startling as well; perfect English and literary poetry, all in a matter of minutes. Here’s the catch; each message from the individual lady clearly showed the first three sentances of the message to “Gary”, but the rest of the message was blurry and illegible. Only if you were to buy “tokens” or “credits” could you read the message in its entirety, but you could respond to the beautiful young lady writing a man in his 80’s. Again, I encourage you to be skeptical.

At Aleksa Match, you do not need to register to see the ladies on our site nor create a login and password to have full access to our gallery of ladies.


When we created Aleksa Match, we wanted to make sure everything we do in our business practices is out in the open. We do not hide the fact that our main office is in the United States. Our address is:

One World Trade Center

121 Southwest Salmon St.

11th Floor

Portland, OR 97204


We are located in the World Trade Center building in downtown Portland, Oregon, USA.

Along with Aleksa (me), our Portland staff consists of my husband, Richard, who is also a partner in Aleksa Match. Richard is the primary contact for gentlemen who have questions, need help, or are looking for guidance. Aleksa is the primary contact in the USA for the ladies in Ukraine. Along with Aleksa and Richard, our Portland staff consists of assistants, a fulltime translator, a web master, and a phone service for after hours.

Aleksa has daily communication with the ladies of the Ukraine. In addition to phone calls, video conferencing, instant messages, and emails daily, Aleksa also interviews and screens ladies, verifying their age and relationship status and that their photos are current and match the lady.

A big advantage for the ladies, we have found, is that they enjoy talking to Aleksa about what life is like in another country. They ask her about her experience with the K1 Visa (U.S), the marriage interviews, paperwork, and the entire process. They are genuinely interested in hearing from Aleksa and she has developed relationships with the Aleksa ladies. Because our main office is located in the U.S., Aleksa Match is bound by U.S. laws and business practices. This is something we have found gives our gentlemen clients a sense of confidence in our organization. Again, while there are very legitimate agencies in the Ukraine, their laws and business practices are much more lax by comparison.


Absolutely! We have a wonderful staff in Kiev, Ukraine. Our Director of Operations in Ukraine is Alyona. She is an experienced and highly skilled director. Alyona is constantly on the move for Aleksa Match in Ukraine. She is a contact for the ladies in Ukraine who have face-to-face needs. Alyona meets with the ladies and coordinates with them as well as our staff in Ukraine. Alyona has an assistant as well as two fulltime translators for correspondence and face-to-face meetings. (We call them our ambassadors.) Alyona and her staff will help us coordinate your visit to Ukraine, ensure that you have an ambassador for meetings with the ladies as well as make sure your stay is coordinated properly and your comfort is assured. In addition to our fulltime staff, we also employ part time translators as needed. These part time translators, for letter correspondence and video translation, work mostly from their homes and check in with Alyona face-to-face twice a week. Any letters or video sent to a translator comes from our Portland office first. Any letters or videos translated from a translator come to our Portland office to verify and check before it is sent to you or the lady. All of our translators are paid a regular wage; they are not paid per letter or video, thus there is no incentive to create more letters or video for extra salary. Upon your visit to Ukraine, you can look forward to meeting Alyona and our staff and feel comforted in knowing that they are all professionals and are ready to serve your needs.