Man’s Perspective


If you have been thinking about taking a chance and meeting a beautiful lady from Ukraine, who better to ask than a man who married a woman from Ukraine? I am Richard, Aleksa’s husband. I met Aleksa a few years ago in Ukraine. Before we met, I had been divorced for 10 years. I had children from my previous marriage and while I had relationships in that 10 year span, I really had no desire to marry again. The ladies I dated or had relationships with were local and women I met in my day to day life. I have nothing negative to say about any of my experiences, but it is safe to say that I did not consider any of my relationships to be marriage material. Besides, if you have been married before it is easy to understand that perhaps it is not something you are in a hurry to go out and do again.

When I met Aleksa, this all changed for me. She is a beautiful, intelligent woman who simply changed my life. We have a wonderful marriage and a wonderful integrated family. Her values of family and marriage were those I had always hoped to find but never seemed to. Once I found her, I knew that being with her was all I wanted.

Aleksa wanted to start Aleksa Match and it is her passion to introduce couples and see them through to success. She has developed relationships with these ladies and she looks out for their best interests as well as the gentlemen who join our agency. I work with her at Aleksa Match. Among my many roles within our company is the most important role I play; that is to work with our gentlemen toward successful introductions. I am here to help you! I do enjoy being contacted by our male clients and working toward successful matches. You can contact me anytime via email or even my own number and I am always happy to answer any questions you may have or help you through the process. It is my pleasure to be here for you. I have seen what it is to meet and eventually marry a wonderful woman from the Ukraine. My experience is an asset from the male perspective and I am always here to lend insight when asked.


One of the biggest myths about the ladies from the Ukraine is that they are desperate to leave their country and find a better life elsewhere. Some people think that the economic situation in Ukraine is so terrible and the ladies have such little happiness and opportunity that they are desperate to get out. This is a big myth! The fact is most of the ladies are very happy living in the Ukraine. It is home to them and, for most, it is where their families live. In Ukraine, the family unit is a huge part of their culture. The idea of leaving parents and families is not something the ladies take lightly. So why would they decide to meet a man from abroad and potentially leave their country? It is really, generally speaking, for the idea of being loved and loving a man who is special to them. It is really quite that simple.

In Ukraine, ladies outnumber men about 100 women to every 86 men. The life expectancy between men and women is about 10 years greater if you are female. There is a lot of competition for ladies and men generally know this. Perhaps this is one reason you see ladies getting dressed up and looking fantastic for a simple errand to a local grocery. Men simply have more opportunity to curry attention from women than the other way around. Perhaps this reflects in the attitude men have toward the women in Ukraine. Generally speaking, for ladies, family is everything. They simply want to find a good man they can love and have a family of their own. So perhaps it is the same reason a man from abroad would consider a lady from Ukraine rather than one from their own area that give the ladies incentive to try and find what they seek abroad. Perhaps as it is for a man seeking a lady, the ladies in Ukraine aren’t finding what they seek in the men they are exposed to everyday.

While it would be, naturally, important for a lady to find herself in a better situation for opportunities in life for herself, her children (whether they be present or future children) this is not the underlying reason a woman seeks her Prince Charming from abroad. At Aleksa Match, we want these ladies to represent and represent us. These are good, fantastic women with one goal; to find a special man and live happily. We are here to help them as we are here to help you!


Because we are an honest, legitimate agency, we care about our lady clients as we care about our male clients. For U.S. residents, we strictly follow the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 (IMBRA). We wish to protect our ladies with the same dedication we protect our gentlemen.

When you decide to join Aleksa Match and begin writing the ladies you’re interested in, we will always follow through with you as to their response. If a lady is interested in corresponding with you, we will translate her response and forward it to you. This usually takes a couple of days. If a lady is not interested, we will let you know right away. We will not keep you guessing. You might ask, “If a lady is not interested in corresponding, what does this mean? It is something I said?” Not at all, I would tell you. Much like dating in person, some ladies will find your attributes most interesting to them than others. It doesn’t mean there is something wrong. This is why I suggest you write several ladies at once. After all, it is just an introduction and you might find that someone you considered mildly interested in, may be someone who you truly appreciate greater as you get to know her. Cast a wide net and go from there! If you are more specific, more selective, then utilize the time to write more about yourself. After all, your letters are unlimited for the time you purchase. You should use the resource you have as much as you can. If you are serious about meeting a lady and finding love, marriage and happiness, I am sure we can help you achieve your goals.

One thing I can tell you that you should remember; if a lady thinks you are not taking her seriously then you risk her losing interest. The ladies that join Aleksa Match did not do so to meet pen pals. They are seriously marriage-minded women. If they believe you are not serious about them after some time, they may lose interest in continuing the correspondence. I say this to you because I know it to be true, if you are not serious about coming to Ukraine and meeting the ladies you correspond with after some time, Aleksa Match is probably not for you. We want to help you find the love of your life. If you are ready to do this, we are here to help you. Please feel free to contact me via email or phone if you have any questions or are looking for help. It is my pleasure to work with you!

Richard Watson